• Lambeth Council illegally allowing events on Clapham Common without the required legal consent under the Commons Act 2006? (quick explanation) (full explanation)
  • 20 acres of the grassland being fenced off with huge ‘steel shields’ for large events – the same piece of ground that has only just been re-opened after 9 months of enclosure to allow the grass to recover from previous events?
  • Lambeth Council granting a premises licence for 10 major events on Clapham Common for up to 40,000 people per day every summer from 2021 to 2024?

If so, then please….

You can also complain to: 

Lambeth Council Events Team:

0207 926 6207 (working hours)

0207 926 9793 (outside working hours) 

Wandsworth Council residents can call: 02037453389


Copy in your local councillors and The Friends of Clapham Common if you send an email: (complaints might be used in our legal case against Lambeth Council)

It is really worth complaining about noise, anti-social behaviour, etc. because these must be logged and taken into account by Local Councillors.

Dear Supporters

Thank you for giving your support and donations to the Friends of Clapham Common fighting fund to hold Lambeth Council to account using the law. This is to update you on the current legal position. The fighting fund is now at approximately £5,500.

We had hoped to be able to apply for an injunction, and our QC advice was that we could expect to win. However that cannot be guaranteed, and although we could apply for a protected costs order we are not guaranteed that either, so we have been advised there is a small risk that Lambeth could pursue us for all their costs and losses i.e. £300,000 (which is what they finally, under pressure from the protests, admitted they expect to make from the festival). Not to mention the millions of pounds of losses to Festival Republic.

We are really grateful for all the donations so far to the fighting fund. We will use the money received to continue the legal battle into the year. Our specialist legal team has a cunning plan for which we will need to raise a minimum of £20,000 over the course of the next month or so. Contact one of us if you want to know more details.

We have absolutely loved meeting so many of you (and your dogs) and chatting to you over the last week on the Common. It has been so great plugging into your energy, determination and expertise everyone! Thank you.

Stay tuned for the next stage in our bid to stop Clapham Common (and by extension every Common in the land) being turned into a regional centre for major commercial events.

In the meantime, we would urge you to keep a record (photos, videos, sound recordings, diary entries etc) of any disturbance you see or hear during the events. Please also keep up the pressure on the Council by calling in to log your complaints. They always insist that they receive very few complaints about the events…

Kind regards

Samantha Walker and all of the Protect Clapham Common team

Friends of Clapham Common: Fighting Fund