Hello, this site is for people who are objecting to the substantial increase in scale and frequency of events on Clapham Common.

There have always been events on the Common, but they have had a ‘light footprint’, coming and going quickly, without leaving a trace.

Lambeth is planning a five year series of very large scale events, much bigger and more frequent than ever before. These events leave a much heavier and longer footprint on the Common, requiring parts of the Common to be fenced off for months.

We object to this plan on two grounds…

– the Common cannot cope with such large scale events. The last large scale event we had was Winterville; after which, Lambeth had to fence off that part of the Common for nine months, and spend £200,000 repairing it. Lambeth are using the same stretch of grass again for the music festivals. 

– Lambeth is going ahead with these events illegally: to hold events like this on Common land they need two types of permission: planning permission (which they have given to themselves) and also permission from central government to use Common land in this way. Lambeth have applied for this permission, but there were so many objections (470+) that they’ve not been able to address them all, and so permission has not been granted. Lambeth know this, but are going ahead anyway, without the necessary legal permission.
You can read the detailed legal case here.

A group of locals are banding together to stop this industrialisation of the Common, by funding a legal challenge and also by putting pressure on Councillors .

If you want to support these efforts, you can do three things….