Sample Letter 9

I write to object to the approval of Planning Permission for Temporary Use of Clapham Common for a range of events in 2021. I attach below my previous objection prior to determination.

1. Common land was established to stop enclosure. The application contravenes the principle of common land.

2. The area designated by Lambeth for Events has increasingly been used. Applications for planning permission have been misleading in excluding the periods of re-instatement.

3. The damage due to its use for large events necessitated the renewal programme currently unfinished. The area has been fenced since September 2020. Due to the poor quality of the renewal works and inadequate drainage, the area is still fenced and the period has been extended from April 2021 to an anticipated, but unconfirmed date, of end of May 2021.The area will have been inaccessible for a period of 9 months during the most used period of its use in history due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. This is a significant loss of amenity. 

4. Future use for large events will lead to further damage and negate the value of the works currently undertaken. 

5. Another large section of the common to the west of the “events ground’ is used by schools for football pitches further reducing the areas available for the general public. 

6. There are two areas to the west of the pond with hardstanding used for fairs. These areas are little used by walkers or those picnicking and are eminently suited to events by the nature of its surface.