Template Letter

Many of you have asked for a template letter.

Attached is a template in Microsoft Word which lays out the main legal challenges to the Application.

Alternatively, if you don’t have Word, you can access the text here in a Google document.

It is a guide to the sort of letter you might want to send by email BEFORE 23 MAY 2021 if you want your views to be heard. 

We have summed up the criteria that the Secretary of State is required to consider before making a decision about Lambeth’s application for permission to enclose the “Events Site” (the large grassy area that is currently fenced off) for commercial events this summer. We have put these criteria in red. 

We have summed up the sort of things you might want to say to address whatever you feel most strongly about. These bits are in black. 

Alternatively, it is also great to write from the heart about how you use the Common and how these big commercial events affect you and why he should refuse permission to Lambeth Council to hold these events.

This is a one-off opportunity to make your objections to an independent and higher body, which has nothing to do with Lambeth Council and is specifically designed to apply the laws which protect Common land. So if you have objected before and feel disheartened, please do not be!  This time we could really make a difference, if enough of us get round to writing.

If you are happy to copy samanthapalmer27@yahoo.co.uk into your email, we can update you as things happen. 

Thank you for your interest!