Sample Letter 2

I am writing to you to object to Lambeth’s use of Clapham Common and its application for a blanket permission to host a series of large scale events on Clapham Common.

Local residents, including our family and neighbours have already had their enjoyment of the common significantly impaired by Lambeth’s actions.  Lambeth insists on using a large part of the common for events which has had such a severe impact over the years that the events site has had to be closed for six months to effect much needed repairs to the grass surface.  These repairs, however have forced users of the common onto a smaller space, thereby increasing wear and causing more damage to the surface in adjacent areas.

Many of us in the community are sympathetic to Lambeth’s need for income to support the common.  However, the financial benefits from these large scale commercial events (which are attended for the most part by those outside the local community) do not compensate for the exclusion of the local community from the amenity for large parts of the summer months (when the common is at its most useful) and the damage caused by heavy footfall.

Despite individual objections and opposition from those organisations working with Lambeth to manage the common, the council appears determined to press ahead.  There are alternative ways of raising revenue that do not cause so much damage and disruption and Lambeth should be asked to think again.

I urge you, please, to reject Lambeth’s application.