Sample Letter 3

I’m writing to object to Lambeth Council’s proposed use of a significant area of Clapham Common as a dedicated events site for ‘large and major events’.    This includes plans for a major 4 day music sent in August 2021 hosted by Festival Republic which 160,000 people are expected to attend.

My objections are as follows.

  • Clapham Common is there for the use of people as a green space where they can exercise and play with their children.  I’ve witnessed that when crowds of people move through it to attend large events they disrupt people who’ve come to the Common for some peace, family picnics and football games.
  • The public should have rights of access to the entirety of the Common and parts of it should not be kept exclusively for those who’ve paid money to attend commercial events.
  • Each time there are music events on the Common one can see drug dealers operating in a space where children are playing.
  • The Common is an essential green area in South London and the environment should be safeguarded.  Local volunteers have been planting areas with wild flowers and plants to increase species diversity and these get trampled on when large crowds walk to events.   Noise pollution is another factor which damages wildlife.

I’m sure you agree that nature conservation, the conservation of landscape and protection of public rights of access should be safeguarded in any planning decision regarding common land, particularly in a crowded city where green spaces are essential.